About us

We are a full service Creative Design Agency

About Makitla Group ZA

Makitla Group is a 100% Black Owned with Level 1 BEE rating. The company was registered in 2012 as Afrilogic Group (PTY) Ltd and it is now trading as Makitla Group South Africa.

Our Company History

We started as a company providing Corporate Branding only – then Technology changed a lot and affected businesses the way they operate, advertise and communicate, we were forced to introduce more services such Website Design and digital marketing as some of the services we provide and we were able to excel in those fields.

Our experience grew very fast and years later we introduced Corporate Space planning to our clients, and we did it very well after multiple training and skill developments within our management team who had architectural experience specializing in Store and Commercial Architectural drafting at that time.
Today we are one of the few Creative Agencies in Johannesburg offering all-rounder Corporate Design Services, providing services to over 20 well established businesses in Johannesburg and more than 50 small businesses and professional individuals across South African continent.

We help our clients from brand building to opening their first Head Office.

Our Mission:

To continuously provide advanced and most innovative creative designs of the highest quality for all our clients of all sizes in both Space Planning, Branding and Digital Marketing industry.


To remain the best possible creative design agency across all South African Provinces that provides effective solutions to businesses and professional individuals across South Africa.



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