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Website Maintenance and Management

Digital Security Upgrade, Content Management, and Website Support

Website Maintenance & Management

We cover Security upgrade, Content Management, and Website Support to keep your website healthy and strengthen your SEO, continued traffic growth as well as Google rankings. If you want your website to be secured from cyber threads or keep getting user visits and deliver high conversion rates, you must keep it up-to-date.

Skills & Expertise


Monthly Price Plans

Inquire about our monthly website management plan below!

NB: (We allocate a certain number of Hours which we will use to assist you every time you need help – when those hours finishes, you will need to either top up or be advised to upgrade your package)

  • Gold Package
  • R 500
    • 2hrs of Monthly Website Changes 
    • WordPress Theme Upgrade/ Update
    • WordPress Plugins Update
    • Content Update Incl. Images
    • Full Offsite Backup
    • SEO Maintenance
    • Google Analytics Report
    • Uptime Monitoring
  • Silver Package
  • R 900
    • 4hrs of Monthly Website Changes
    • WordPress Theme Upgrade/ Update
    • WordPress  Plugins Update
    • Content Update Incl. Images
    • Full Offsite Backup
    • Homepage SEO Maintenance
    • Basic Google Analytics Report
    • Uptime Monitoring
  • Bronze Package
  • R 1350
    • Unlimited Website Changes
    • WordPress Theme Upgrade/ Update
    • WordPress Plugins Update
    • Content Update Incl. Images
    • Full Offsite Backup
    • Full SEO Maintenance 
    • Advance Google Analytics Report
    • Uptime Monitoring

Website Maintenance & Management

Website Maintenance

A website – like a car – can’t be expected to ‘just work’ forever on its own.

Website maintenance include upgrading and updating things like plugins, security loopholes, the entire website system framework, themes, web based applications, backups and more.

Things can stop working at any time, One of the last things that you want to be doing is spending time and energy trying to fix your website immediately, but you can’t.

Contact us so you can rest and focus on the business itself, while we take of your website.

Website Management

A website is the most important marketing and communication tool for any business.

Entrepreneurs often get very busy that they don’t have enough time to update content on their websites. So as a business owner, its important to have a reliable website experts on standby who can make sure the changes needed on your website are done effectively to boost your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Makitla Group Digital is always there to handle the website changes you need done – weather updating a picture, new content, updating your About us info, or even adding a new article to your blog, we will make sure it happens.

Wow, Makitla Group Digital so brilliant, i appreciate your hardwork - Well Done on my website.

Lavious Motalane
Managing Member, Motalane Attorneys Inc

Thanks for the support and for completing my online store so quick - you guys Rock. Thank you Thank you...

Gail Mabalane

Thank you very much Tiego, I love working with you... you always show great creative skills. I'm glad all my websites are with you.

Sheila Afari
MD, Sheila Afari Group


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